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There are several essential oils that have been helpful to those with Parkinson’s disease. These include LAVENDER, PEPPERMINT, CEDARWOOD, MYRRH, BASIL, PEACE & CALMING, VALOR, BRAIN POWER. These can be applied topically 3-4 times daily and diffused in the bedroom.
COPAIBA magnifies the effect of other oil(s) with which it is used. I would alyer it on top of any other oil selected.
Topical application:
• Apply 1-3 drops of the essential oil or blend on the temples and brain stem.
• Dilute 6-8 drops essential oil 1:1 with V6 Vegetable Oil Complex. Massage from the base of the skull down the neck and down the spine
NOTE: Massage DOWN the spine
• Put a few drops on a loofah brush and rub along the spine vigorously
• Raindrop Technique sessions weekly
NOTE: Substitute COLD PACKS instead of hot ones for neurological challenges.
Above information from Essential Oils Desk Reference, 4th Edition

Below is what I previously wrote to someone else along with experiences that others have shared which may assist you.
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The following information comes from the Essential Oils Desk Reference, Essential Science Publishing. I hope you will find it helpful.

Parkinson's Disease involves the deterioration of specific nerve centers in the brain and affects more men than women by a ratio of 3:2. The main symptom is tremors, an involuntary shaking of the head, hands, or both. Other symptoms include rigidity, slowed movement, and loss of balance. In many cases these are accompanied by a continuous rubbing together of the thumb and forefinger, stooped posture, mask-like face, trouble swallowing, depression, and difficulty performing simple tasks. These symptoms may all be seen at different stages of the disease. There is no pain or other sensation other than a decreased ability to move. Symptoms may appear slowly, in no particular order, and may end before they interfere with normal activities. Restoring dopamine levels in the brain can reduce symptoms of Parkinson’s. [Young Living’s] ULTRA YOUNG contains a vegetable source of dopamine. SULFURZYME provides a source of organic sulfur, a vital nutrient for nerve and myelin sheath formation.

NOTE: Never use hot packs for neurological problems. Always use cold packs to reduce pain and inflammation. In other words, reduce the temperature of the affected area.


1. Dr. Friedmann, D.D. - Vitex

Joan Anderson On page 66 of "Freedom Through Health" by Terry
Shepherd Friedmann, M.D., he writes: "In Europe the
essential oil Vitex, which is derived from the chase
tree, is used to treat Parkinsonism. According to the
French physical Dr. Jean Claude LaPraz, he has
observed an 89 percent success rate in reversing the
symptoms of this dreaded disease. He recommended
inhaling Vitex and applying it to the spine and soles
of the feet."
Joan Barice MD
I have used Vitex for Parkinson's symptoms on a resident in a nursing home.
I diluted it 12 drops to the oz of V-6 oil and put it on her feet. The
results were amazing.
Grace Hays


My testimonial: I've been diagnosed as having
Parkinson's. This is a very scary thing to happen when
one has always been extremely healthy and independent.
I began looking for alternative health methods to
augment the traditional medicine. I tried many things
- too numerous to recite! Then along came Young Living
Essential Oils, and they have made a tremendous
difference to me! I say "Young Living allows me to
live again". In May of 1999 my two sisters came from
northern Maine to central Massachusetts. They did Rain
Drop Therapy on me for each of the four days they were
here. They started me on the following supplements:
Comfortone, ICP, Megazyme, Sulfurzyme, Thyromin - then
more slowly we added Juvatone, VitaGreen, Master Hers,
Chelex, Be Fit. I also began with Power Meal,
Wolfberry Bars, Body Balance. The initial oils used
were: Valor, Vitex, Frankincense, Lavender, (plus the
RainDrop oils). Since that time I've added:
Helichrysm, Brain Power, Geranium, M Grain, Roman
Chamomile, 3 Wise Men, Magnify Your Purpose, Release,
Idaho Tansy, Joy, Harmony, Clarity, Bergamot,
Tangerine, Orange, Lemon - whatever I think may help
my liver, nerve regeneration, etc. It seems some
periods of time I intuitively use some combinations,
at other times other oils. I put the oils on the
bottom of my feet, on my brain stem, behind my ears,
on my temples, +++ - I diffuse with Young Living's
diffuser - I SMELL them - I spray our bed with floral
waters - I add Lemon/Grapefruit to my drinking water.
I love them all - and buy as many as I can afford each
month! I also do weekly sessions of deep muscle
massage, reflexology, and the Young Living Oils - a
great combination! My therapist, Jan, is now a firm
believer in the power of these oils, which definitely
complement her technique. The differences which I see
since last May when I began are: my energy level has
improved so much (before I had none, now I last at
least until 3:00 or 4:00 p.m.); my arm tremors are a
bit more quiet, but sometimes still there; I have hope
Eleanor H. Becker 270 Richards Avenue
Paxton, Massachusetts 01612-1121


I have received requests to elaborate
on what my father-in-law is doing for his health
regimen..... He uses the whole Essential7 kit
[or Everyday Oils Collection - Frances] each for
various reasons mainly for the nutritional value ..his
body has been depleted of nutrition for so long that
he needs help to get the value from his food and
water.... He has been using Frankincense to help with
building his immune system and to help with depression
......this is being very effective. Thieves to build
his immune system..and this is helping to stop the
aching in his mouth from rotting teeth ..he really
needs to get the rest of them pulled out ......he
can't use the thieves inside his mouth because it is
too hot for him he uses it on the outside of his
cheek and gets fantastic results more
pain..within a few seconds. My-Grain for headaches and
helps him with aches and pains ..he gets really tired
and sore from shaking all the time.......RC helps him
with breathing and he just likes the smell of it!!
Acceptance helps him to come to a place where it is ok
just to be him! There are many other oils he uses too
and this would get too long to describe each one so
here is a list Sage, Clarity, Valor, Marjoram. HE has
just started to use the Vitex so I have not yet seen a
marked change in his shaking but there are so many
things that effect persons with Parkinson's that we
are very patient and we know that he did not get
Parkinson's overnight and we do not expect a miracle
cure ....any relief is a miracle in itself !! Dad has
never had a winter (in the 8 years I have known him)
where he was not very sick with the flu or
depression......until this year he has had one cold
and it was not too severe ...he is not suffering with
his chronic depression (which he has had for 20 years)
and I would say he is happy to be on the planet!! The
Essential Oils have been the best thing that has ever
happened to Dad!! Sorry this is so long but I hope I
have been more clear about Dad's health. I will
continue to update you with any changes with Dad ...I
hope I have let you see a bit of him as he is a
wonderful person.
Leslie Cornell.

Jackie, the wife is doing Raindrop on a weekly basis
and uses some oils (Acceptance, Sandalwood, Joy) daily
on her husband, and he has less trembling and walks
now for a while each day. Both are also using Power
Meal and Body Balance and did some cleansing.
Parkinsons is NOT something that goes away with one
oil application. It obviously takes time and it is
much too early to report victory, but we do see
improvements and that is certainly better than further

5. THIRD PARTY INFORMATION wrote: Janis, I am working
with a member who has Parkinson's and we are
following the Essential Oils Desk Reference suggestions.
The man who has this is really drawn to the Sandalwood oil.
We did several Raindrop Therapies on him and please do
remember that in MS, Parkinsons etc, you do not use heat
but ice at the end of the Raindrop. The man's wife and he both
are proclaiming good improvements and by going on the
Powermeal, Ultra Young etc., they are very encouraged.
It is yet too soon to proclaim victory, but we are
very encouraged.


My family has Tourette's Syndrome. I have been able to
eliminate 98% of the symptoms by using Valor and then
vitex. Vitex is being studied in Turkey for helping
Parkinson's disease. TS and Parkinson's are similar in
that they both are imbalances of dopamine in the
brain. Peace and Calming also helped.
My father has Parkinson's. My husband has been giving him Raindrop
therapy since July every two weeks. We think any more than that will
overwhelm his system (he has had strong reactions before). We give him
the standard Raindrop but apply a warm towel rather than hot at the end
(never use hot with Parkinson's). The first session was extremelly
difficult -- he kept jerking, had to move around and constantly get up.
He was in pain and it was hard. The second time was easier - he was
calm. By the third time, he fell asleep and now looks forward to his
sessions very much. Now, when he wakes up after a raindrop, his muscles
are looser and relaxed and steady for a while.
Essential oil testimonials are an effective way of learning and sharing. With this knowledge, we can take control of our own personal health. However, we are required by law to state, "These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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