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Many of you have received your free frankincense and are still wondering how to use it . . . The information below should be a start – and please share YOUR ways of using this beautiful and sacred oil!
FRANKINCENSE is wonderful for vision, skin, inflammation, meditation, relaxation, cancer, chronic diseases, etc.

• For wrinkles, it can be applied topically undiluted.
• For "floaters" in the eyes, glaucoma and other vision problems, you can allow one drop to fall into your palm, rub the palms together, and cup hands over OPEN eyes for 2-3 minutes twice daily
• For inflammation, apply topically or take internally in capsules
• For tumors, apply topically and take internally
• For meditation, drop directly into crown chakra at top of head. Also put one drop in palms, rub palms together, and inhale deeply
These are just for starters . . . and be creative – frankincense is one of the most precious oils!

These links provide some wonderful information about FRANKINCENSE – the amazing essential oil that has been used for thousands of years in so many different ways . . . I have sent them before, but many of you are new to my mailing list . . .
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The following information came through Artemis and cites information given at the 2010 convention in Salt Lake City . . .
Dr. H. K. Lin is renowned for his studies on the effectiveness of Frankincense oil against bladder cancer. As part of a general discussion, he said that "I put the whole [Frankincense] oil into the cancer cell, and the cell died. So that was the efficacy. Frankincense oil, by itself (without separation of its boswellic acids) - I think strongly that it can be used for chemoprevention/cancer therapy. So you take a small amount of oil every day, as a preventative, and we may in our lifetime see cancer disappear."
This idea is further backed up my Dr. Suhail, M.D., who commented that Oman has the lowest cancer rate of the whole Arabian region. In a population of 2 million people, he sees only 1 or 2 cancer patients every 1 to 2 years. How could this be? They put the Sacred Frankincense resin in water and drink it each morning.
Dr. Suhail went on to say that, "We believe a lot of the benefits come from Frankincense' alcohol-soluble molecules [this being the boswellic acids]. Using our new [distillation] techniques, we hope to get the benefits from all of the resin. Lipo-oxygenase 5 is a must in any inflammation. It has been proven in 2 clinical trials that it's effective in reheumatoid and osteo arthritis, and better than traditional drugs. It's proven to be a bronchial dilator and anti-inflammatory for chest infection and asthma. This is the traditional use in Oman [for Frankincense], and it's been proven through research. So [in Oman ], if anyone gets a cut, they go straight for their frankincense resin (which they are carrying in their pockets). Frankincense extract is superior to corticosteroids and other drug therapies for inflammatory bowel disease (in fact for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, you only need to take 320mg of Boswellic acid per day, which is the equivalent of 3 Frankincense resin nuggets, in order to reduce the symptoms). In Austria they are considering frankincense as a second line treatment for asthma. For first line treatment (acute attack) we still need vasodilators. But as long term management they are considering using frankincense."
Sadga is distilling Frankincense resin to make oil. She made the following comments about Frankincense essential oils: "The ease with which EOs pass through the body, makes them the perfect drug system. A drug that goes directly to the place in the body where it's required. Essential oils are able to cross the blood brain barrier, and they can be released from the body as easily as they are absorbed. Steam distilled essential oils like Frankincense seem to act like keys to our physical and mental mechanism."
Gary Young spoke about his many times in Oman , saying, "When you drive through the streets of Oman , you don't see a dentists office. One man, between 95 and 110 years of age (he's not sure), he has all of his original teeth and they are perfect. He says, "you eat the frankincense gum, and it makes your teeth strong". We want to bring in frankincense toothpaste (I haven't told the product development department yet)!!! Use Frankincense in every way you can - it's so valuable." And Marc Schreuder had been advised in Yemen to ingest 5 frankincense nuggets because it "makes you more wise".
Sadga commented that people in the arabic region are chewing a drug commonly called "cat" all the time. She says, "This is a known carcinogen - we should have lots of mouth cancers. So what are they doing that prevents this carcinogen from giving them cancer? They are chewing frankincense all the time, and we don't see them getting mouth cancers."
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